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Protect yourself from client claims of personal injury and property damage with affordable, comprehensive personal trainer insurance from API Fitness.



It’s not difficult to imagine how accidents can occur in a gym, where there are loads of heavy equipment and weights involved. When your client gets injured, they may file a claim for negligence against you, even if it’s completely false.

Be prepared for these scenarios with our insurance for personal trainers throughout the country. API Fitness provides superior, comprehensive coverage to protect you from financial losses related to your fitness business’ operations.


Get comprehensive personal trainer insurance coverage here at API Fitness. Our professional liability coverage shields against claims of negligence, errors, and contract breaches. Premises and general liability coverage offer protection from various business risks. Public liability coverage handles injury claims for personal trainers. Additionally, we provide supplemental coverage tailored to your specific practice area.

Professional Liability Coverage

Protect yourself against claims of professional negligence, errors in your services, and breaches of contract. This coverage gives you peace of mind during potential legal disputes and litigation.

Premises and General Liability Coverage

Safeguard your personal training business from a wide range of risks such as property damage, bodily injury, and general liabilities. This coverage helps mitigate potential financial burdens arising from unexpected incidents or accidents, allowing you to focus on your clients and business growth with peace of mind.

Public Liability Coverage

With this coverage, personal trainers like you can rest assured knowing you are protected against injury claims arising from accidents or incidents involving clients and third parties.

Supplemental Coverage

By adding supplemental coverage to your insurance policy, you can customize your protection to address the specific risks associated with your practice area, ensuring comprehensive coverage and expanding overall security.


By working with API Fitness, you get top-class services and customer support.

Expert Guidance

Call us when a client files a claim against you. Our carrier claims team will help you resolve any disputes.

Affordable Prices

Protecting your business shouldn’t come at the cost of your finances. Take advantage of our highly affordable insurance plans.

Tailored to Your Needs

Your insurance needs differ based on the services you provide. Get flexible coverage through API Fitness.


The minimum coverage for personal trainers includes professional liability insurance and general liability insurance, but why settle for these? Various incidents can happen in your workplace. If your insurance policy doesn’t cover a specific case, it could lead to heavy financial losses.

Ensure you have the protection you need by choosing API Fitness. Additional coverage is easy to obtain, affordable, and can potentially save your business.


Become an API Fitness member for comprehensive personal trainer insurance throughout the country. Call us at ​​(800) 860-8330, email us at, or fill out our contact form to discuss your specific coverage requirements.


Find answers to the most common questions about personal trainer insurance below.

What does general liability insurance cover?

General liability insurance protects you from a wide range of business risks. These mainly involve claims of bodily injury and property damage from your clients.

However, there are exclusions. It doesn’t cover intentional injury and property damage. It also doesn’t cover harm done to you or your employees. That’s what workers’ compensation is for.

What does supplemental coverage add to my policy?

This depends on your needs and your certification. For example, if you’re a massage therapist, supplemental coverage may include license protection and coverage for communicable diseases. Your insurance policy can be changed according to the risks you face.

How much does personal trainer insurance cost?

Our CPT ProPlan has an annual premium of $110, and our CPT Premiere ProPlan has an annual premium of $120. Additional coverage costs $25 and requires you to have valid certification as a nutritionist or massage therapist.

Why do personal trainers need insurance?

Insurance is a necessity for personal trainers, given the potential for fitness-related injuries and incidents. It serves various purposes, such as meeting client demands for active insurance (often general liability) to secure new business.

Additionally, most states typically mandate workers’ compensation when hiring employees. Moreover, insurance safeguards your owned or rented property, including inventory, equipment, and the leased or owned building, providing financial protection against repair or replacement costs.

Is the policy good even if I teach in multiple gyms?

Yes, your policy includes coverage for teaching at multiple gyms, ensuring that you are protected regardless of the number of locations where you offer your personal training services.

How does business insurance protect personal trainers?

Business insurance protects personal trainers by providing comprehensive coverage against various risks.

  • It safeguards your business from financial losses related to property damage, such as accidentally damaging a client’s property during a session.
  • It also covers accidents that cause injuries to clients, helping with medical costs and legal fees. Professional liability insurance defends against accusations of mistakes that result in financial losses for others.
  • Workers’ compensation insurance covers workplace injuries, including medical bills and lost wages.
  • Additionally, commercial property insurance addresses damage to owned or leased property, covering costs for replacement or repairs caused by covered events like theft or natural disasters.