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API Fitness is dedicated to protecting fitness professionals throughout the country, with comprehensive insurance services. With over 150,000 members nationwide, Allied Professionals’ Insurance has been protecting health and wellness professionals for over 35 years. Our focus has always been the same—holistic health and well-being. From nutrition, to acupuncture, from fitness to chiropractic, Allied is the nation’s leader in providing protection for professionals committed to this simple approach to health and wellness. Like all of Allied’s programs, API Fitness was created by experts, seasoned insurance professionals working closely with instructors and consultants in the personal fitness industry. Together, we created the best coverage available for certified or soon-to-be certified personal trainers.


Achieve Your Goals

By working with us, you’ll get coverage designed by insurance industry leaders and also some of the top leaders from the personal training industry. You can easily apply, quickly get a policy, and protect yourself from financial losses due to lawsuits filed against you by clients.


Pre-Approval with NCCA Certification

We believe those who have received certification from the National Committee for Certifying Agencies take their fitness training business seriously. If you’re certified by the NCCA, you’re pre-approved for API Fitness insurance.


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Protect your business with API Fitness. You’ll have comprehensive, affordable insurance for fitness professionals to cover clients’ injury and property damage claims. Contact us to apply for membership today.