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In the same way the right certification defines you as a professional fitness trainer, so does the insurance you choose to protect you and your personal training or fitness business. The best trainers are not without both. Top trainers and industry leaders choose API Fitness Insurance.

With over 150,000 members nationwide, Allied Professionals’ Insurance has been protecting health and wellness professionals for over 35 years.  Our focus has always been the same—holistic health and well-being. From nutrition, to acupuncture, from fitness to chiropractic, Allied is the nation’s leader in providing protection for professionals committed to this simple approach to health and wellness.  Like all of Allied’s programs, API Fitness was created by experts, seasoned insurance professionals working closely with instructors and consultants in the personal fitness industry. Together, we created the best coverage available for certified or soon-to-be certified personal trainers. 





Protection That’s Always There for You

As a certified personal trainer (CPT) and independent contractor, you have a vision for your career and future. You control who you train, when and where. What you can’t control, however, is the unexpected event or the risks that come with owning a fitness training business in today’s world.

Lawsuits happen and unfortunately, it’s all too common for a client, a facility or even a colleague to bring a case against a trainer or instructors. That’s where API Fitness comes in. If there ever is a problem we focus on protecting you so you can keep your focus on your clients and their well-being.  We will handle your case completely, and strive for an outcome that has as little disruption as possible to your business or personal finances.

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What Industry Leaders Are Saying

Allied Professional Insurance strives to be the leading provider of insurance for certified fitness industry professionals. In addition to aligning with NCCA (National Committee for Certifying Agencies) to create automatic pre-approval with certification, API works closely with an elite team of program consultants who are recognizable leaders in the personal training and coaching industry. Here is what they have to say about API Fitness:


Coach, Author, Lecturer

“I am very impressed by the reasonable cost for excellent coverage. Our field is a difficult one to find good insurance at a good price, for the kind of protection we need. You will be happy with API Fitness and you will be able to get back to what you love to do: helping people.” (Visit www.danjohnuniversity.com for more information.)

Winner of the Lifetime Achievement Award 2021


Entrepreneur, Fitness Pro Coach

“API Fitness is the ‘go-to’ insurance for fitness professionals looking to get the protection they need at a very good price. Jim Hooper and API have extensive experience and industry knowledge that support fitness professionals to the fullest. If you are trying to operate a fitness business online or offline and don’t have adequate insurance coverage, you are risking everything. API fitness is the team I recommend to all of my online fitness coaching students!” (Visit www.tntfitprocoaching.com for more information.)


President, NCEP
National College of Exercise Professionals

“When Jim Hooper told me his idea to offer the best insurance to our fellow trainers at an affordable cost, it was a no-brainer. The quality insurance that API offers fits in perfect with our high-level model of training. I can’t imagine recommending any other insurance to our certified training graduates.” (Visit www.NCEPfitness.com for more information.)

Jeremy Shelton, Functional Strength Coach


Founder of SoCal Kettlebellz
Functional Strength Coach

“When it comes to cost, coverage and service, API is second to none in the health and wellness industry.  You wanna have that kind of peace of mind—especially during times like these.” (Visit www.socalkettlebellz.com for more information.)

Toni Indelicato


Certified Personal Trainer

“When I became an independent contractor is when I discovered API Fitness Insurance. Great coverage at a reasonable cost. When I compared, I saved as much as 30% on my policy. It was an easy decision to go with Team API Fitness!” (Visit www.trainwithtoni.com for more information.)

You Want Your Clients to Achieve Their Goals. We Want You to Achieve Yours.

We not only created our program for you, but we also designed it from the perspective of some of the top leaders in the Personal Training Industry. They know the protection you need, based on their vast experiences as fitness trainers, mentors and highly respected instructors.

Combine the right certification for your profession along with the right insurance to protect your business. API Fitness coverage was designed to be flexible, easy to obtain, and tailored to the needs of CPTs—at the best prices.

When it comes to getting coverage with API Fitness, you won’t have to break a sweat. We make it easy for certified personal trainers to apply for coverage and get a policy quickly and easily. Our easy online application process takes just minutes. In no time, your policy is in effect and ready for you to train clients anywhere, with total peace of mind and confidence.

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Certification from the NCCA list of professions gives you pre-approved status for API Fitness coverage. In our view, that defines you as a professional trainer who cares about every aspect of your business and strives to be among the elite. At API Fitness, we’re here to help protect any dedicated personal trainer who’s achieved professional certification.

That’s why the top trainers and leaders in the industry, not only choose insurance from API Fitness, but also endorse it. Now, you can join some of America’s elite fitness professionals who choose API.





Insurance from API Fitness supports your goals to become an elite trainer. Let us tell you how our competitive rates, coverage options and industry expertise make us the best choice for Certified Professional Trainers.


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